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Zwickey Judo Small Game Head - Jagtspidser 2/Pak

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As Jack Zwickey tells it.

"Years ago my Dad Cliff and I would go out on a Sunday afternoon to thump some stumps, take a few shots and then spend the rest of our day searching for lost arrows! Not our idea of fun.

So we invented this most amazing arrowhead ever created.

  • Unbelievable
  • Unloseable
  • Virtually Indestructible

Perfect for realistic hunting practice, roving & small game and no backstop netting needed."

Judo's magic spring arms swing into explosive action, snagging grass and turf to prevent arrow loss, ricochet and burrowing.

One Judo easily outlasts 100 ordinary arrows. Endures many stump shots.

Remember, only Zwickey Judo is the real true genuine original. Everything else is just a copy and Zwickey's are made in USA.

Since 1938 the world's best arrowheads for the world's best sportsmen.

Available in 100 grain and 125 grain weights. Please specify size.

Try one....just to see if you can lose it!

Judo - the unloseable miracle point. Zwickey Judo Point Screw-in 5/16" 2 pack


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