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DANAGE DOMINO Target System:

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Are you looking for a;

Reliable, high value, durable, ergonomic, flexible, easy to use, well proven and convenient archery target, then the DOMINO system might be the right answer.

The systems modular, lightweight and high quality materials ensure hour after hour of carefree archery joy. Once maintenance needed the design makes it easy to perform.

Material and design is developed through more than 3 decades, tested under various conditions with the dedication for continuous improvement. As a result, the DANAGE DOMINO Target System is used at major tournaments (OL, WC, Nationals, etc.) as well as for training in clubs all over the world.

All materials are designed for saving your arrows from being unnecessary worn and to ensure high usability and ergonomics.

The DOMINO Target System has continuously been developed to a comprehensive product range meeting nearly all needs known within archery.

The lightweight design gives a high flexibility; the large 132x132 cm tournament targets are easily handled by 2 persons without having to disassemble anything, also storage is easy performed.

Modularity enable changing position of the individual foam parts meaning the "wear" of the foam can to spread. You thereby get a lot of shots = high value.

Overall cost for you to enjoy archery (arrows, target, energy spent on maintenance/pulling arrows/storage) makes the DOMINO the better investment/bargain, even it might seem the more expensive.

DANAGE DOMINO Basic Foam material – developed especially for archery

The heart of the DOMINO modular system is the foam material solely  designed for making archery a good experience – good for the archers, organizers, and arrows.

It is not just any "foam material” -  it is the result of dedicated development. Testing many different materials, thicknesses and densities for more than 3 decades by Danage as well as by professional archers from various countries with all sorts of conditions for ensuring the right quality.

Technically the modules are made of several layers of crosslinked, closed cell structured foam sheets laminated together. The foam layers have variable density which when laminated together brings features optimized for durability, user friendliness and gentleness on arrows (first design patent pending in 1985).

The DOMINO Basic foam is available in four variants (9.5, 14.5, 24.5 and 31.5 cm thickness), each with foam layers and thickness especially optimized for light bows, recurve, compound and very strong compound and cross bows.

The Domino Ultra Performance (UP) and Soft Stop Core (SSC) foam are designed to make the durability and easiness of use even better.


DOMINO´s modulart Targets concept for better economy

The DANAGE DOMINO Target concept is a modular system designed for first of all to embrace "all” customers’ demands. The various modules can be combined like building blocks in standard targets, shooting walls or a custom designed arrangement.

DANAGE DOMINO standard solutions are used for tournaments (OL, WC, national, club, etc.) as well as for personal training for target, field archers as well as bow hunters. Shooting walls and other customized arrangement can be supported likewise.

All DOMINO modules are build together with a groove and tounge princip, enabling the modules to be repositioned (moved and swapped) and the Basic foam in 24.5 cm and 31.5 cm thickness plus the UP foam modules are also designed to be shot at from both sides as well.

Thereby the wear of the foam is spread out, meaning prolonged "lifetime” = equal better economy on the long run.


A "complete solution":

The DANANGE DOMINO concept offers beside the foam itself, very well proven: frames, stands and shooting wall design, also several products supporting the good archery experience;

PowerStops, Target face pins, Target faces (for tuning of your bow and arrow, as well as for practice and competition), a  Scoring- and a Timer- system which have been used at many of the great tournaments worldwide for decades.

DANAGE DOMINO PowerStop (Backstop)

Most archers have experience how heavy rain reduce the "stopping effect” of a target, sometimes to a level, where it can be necessary to add extra material onto the target.

The effective and gentle solution is to have a DANAGE DOMINO PowerStop positioned on the rear side of the target. (designed to "catch the arrow like a glove" and accumulate the arrows impact energy and release it as kinetic energy in the most effective and arrow friendly way).

More detailed; the impact energy of the arrow is partly absorbed by the foam (friction between arrow and foam resulting in heat) and the remaining energy is absorbed by the PowerStop (absorbing the kinetic energy while moving the PowerStop) when the arrow hit the PowerStop => Arrows impact energy = Arrow/foam friction energy + Arrow/PowerStop kinetic energy

One thing is stopping the arrow gently, another is to pull the arrow:

The PowerStop has a positive impact, since the energy needed for pulling the arrow is limited to overcoming the friction of the foam (so if arrow is partly stopped by the PowerStop, the energy needed for pulling out the arrow is less than without PowerStop).

The PowerStop support the DOMINO Target concept by adding these advantages:

·        Prolonged "brake length” means reduced stress factor on the arrows => less effect on arrows spine value (your fine tuning will be OK for many more shots).

·        Friction (arrow/foam) and PowerStop effect =>  compared to a "full stop” material the risk of arrows "locking” into the target material is less. (less wear on arrows which are easier to pull too).

Furthermore, the "lifetime” of the target is prolonged – once more better economy and savings on the long run.


The stainless steel Target Pins has proven its worth in both foam and hard material mats, the barbed design stops the pin pulling out even in difficult weather conditions. On top user friendly details makes them favorable. 

DANAGE DOMINO Target faces (tuning bow and arrow, practice and competition)

For optimizing bow and arrows you can use the DOMINO Tuning guide and matching Target face.

For training the 3 and 6 spots are specially developed for spreading your arrows out, and thereby the wear of the foam, resulting in a prolonged lifetime of the foam. Including also a  score card for you to keep track of your results while training or competing.

Scoring- and a Timer- system

The very user friendly scoring and timer system have been used for major tournaments all over the world and are praised by both organizers and the archers due to its reliability and usability.



The DANAGE DOMINO concept offers a complete solution for nearly all archers demands, either if it is for a tournament, clubs or for personal training at home or even when on the road.

The DANAGE DOMINO has several benefits making it the most used set-up for archery tournaments worldwide. Including being the sole supplier for the WAEC (World Archery Excellence Center) in Lausanne.

The DANAGE DOMINO is a high quality product with a matching price level, making an attractive cost/benefit ratio in an overall cost calculations.  For instance are these key benefits worth to mention:


The DOMINO Target concept offers long life time/amount of arrows:

·       The optional PowerStop prolong the "life time” of the foam by enabling more arrows to be shot at the module before it is needed replaced.

·       Positioning of target faces can be moved around according to individual wishes.

·       The DOMINO design enables individual modules to be moved and rotated to spread out the wear to most part of the surface. On top of that, the 24,5 and 31,5 cm Basic foam plus the UP modules are designed to be shot at 2 sides for prolonging lifetime even more.

·       When an individual foam module is worn, renewing the target only affect the individual module.

All improving durability of the target + making maintenance cost less = good overall economy.

User friendliness

The DANAGE DOMINO concept is designed for anyone to assemble following a basic manual and using the tools supplied. Replacing modules is done the same way and is fairly quick.

The foam is "lightweight”, so even the large DOMINO tournament targets are easily moved by 2 persons, simply lifting and repositioning it where wanted.

The easy installing (and if needed replacement of parts) makes the concept very well suited and popular for great tournament, where time schedule is important and organizers know the importance of having a well proven concept. (Especially the PowerStop concept ensures schedules to be kept even under extreme weather conditions).

This user friendliness is also cherished by the person in charge of maintenance in clubs as well the private archers wanting to spend their time training, not maintaining.

Gentle on arm

The ergonomic challenge; "aching arms” (as a result of practicing lots of shots) is minimized. Pulling arrows is relatively easy, enabling the archers to focus the energy on making the next perfect shot. (For even easier pulling of arrows, please check out the UP or Soft Stop Center modules).

Gentle on arrow

The DANAGE DOMINO foam is designed for stopping arrows with minimum effect on the spine value.

The secret is that the foam allow the arrow to penetrate primarily be stopped by friction (not "collision”).

This prolonged "brake length” ( ideally combined with PowerStop which "gently catch” the arrow, a bit like a glove) lead to less stress on arrow, makes pulling of arrows easier and prolog the lifetime of the foam).


So, what are you looking for?

We at DANAGE trust 100% in our products and are confident that they are worth every cent. Statements from reference and re-buys performed worldwide through more than 30 years supports our conviction, as well as the fact that DANAGE DOMINO is chosen supplier for  World Archery Excellent Center, several Olympic games, World Championships, etc.

So if you want a;

·         Well proven concept (for a tournament, a club, at home or?) covering all aspects.

·         Modular design meeting all standard target needs? (and can be customized to nearly all others)

·         Lightweight, easy to use and maintain system?

·         Thoroughly tested target material (e.g. approved and used for several World Archery tournaments)?

·         An overall good economy?

Then we strongly recommend that you test a DANAGE DOMINO target yourself.

(should you not already have experience with our products).