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Flex Compound Streng - Hoyt Carbon Element G3

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Flex Streng - Hoyt Carbon Element G3 Cam 3

Super BCY streng kvalitet. Streng er lavet og kvalitet testet på et professionelt værksted. - se video af værksted.
Vælge selv farven på din streng.

Competition string for compound bows equipped with dual/twin cams and Cam&half
Made with our 80/20 system we can do your  yoke cable set and be ready for ship in 2 (two) working days.
- SOLOFLEX strings and cables use only the best materials availables.
- Served  with tension with tensioned string/cable.
- Super accurate measurements. We check the length several times during the manufacturing process.
-Material . For stability and speed we use BCY -X material, a blend of Dynemma and Vectran fiber
-Servings: Cam servings go with Halo .14 the best material available. 
-Center servings : BCY - 62XS is the standard.

Use the string color configurator  as color selector  you like.  
Colors appears are colors availables at ordering time.
Instructions for use the SOLOFLEX  string order form:
- String Length: fill with the real size. You can find this info written on the bow spec. label.
- Bow model and year: If you know the bow model, write here. This can help us to determinate the servings lengths.
- Your comments:  write everything you consider we need for made your custom string.
Info about servings : serving color is at our choice. Clear color combinations go with clear serving and dark color combos go with black serving.

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