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Cold Steel Pusterør BIG BORE 16 mm. /122 cm.

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Big Bore Pusterør fra Cold Steel

Pusterøret leveres med:
  • 15 mini broadhead (Metal)
  • 15 Bamboo Darts
  • 6 Stun Dart

Product information ".625 Big Bore Blowgun, 4 Foot"
Big Bore® Blowgun, 4 Foot

The blowgun or blowpipe has a long history that spans the globe. Many authorities believe it was first invented in Malaysia andmigrated through the Malaysian and Indonesian archipelagos to the Philippines and even Japan. The blowgun, however, was not justa southeastern weapon; it also surfaced in the western hemisphere in the jungles of South and Central America, moving as farnorth as the southeastern United States. Blowguns were originally invented to serve as a hunting weapon. They were used to bagsmall animals and birds, with small stones or hardened clay pellets being used for ammunition.

Cold Steel's Big Bore® Blowguns feature large caliber .625 Magnum barrels that make them capable of shooting darts that arefaster and heavier than other models on the market today! They have an effective range out to 20 yards (abt. 18 m) or more and,with practice, a skilled user can hit a two-inch circle at amazing distances and deliver a heavyweight dart capable ofpenetrating a half-inch sheet of plywood.

Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Try the.625 Magnum® Big Bore® and you will soon find yourself addicted to the fun of shooting the world's most powerful blowgun!

- .625 Magnum Big Bore Blowgun, 4 Foot (approx. 1.2 m)
- 1.5 mm wall thickness
- Including mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver, quiver guard and 36 darts (15 bamboo darts, 15 mini broadhead darts and 6stun darts).
- Cold Steel Product No.: B6254 / B6254Z

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