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Black Eagle Spids X-Impact Break Off 12/Pk.

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Black Eagle Target spids til X-implact
 - Quantity per pack 12

Introducing the X-Impact Adjustable Break-off Target Point. This advanced target point offers unrivaled versatility and precision, all in one package. 

With its adjustable break-off feature, it allows you to easily customize the point weight (ranging from 140 adj to 120, 120 adj to 100, and 90 adj to 70) and spine (ranging from 200-500 Spine and 600-1000 Spine), ensuring optimal performance for every shot. Its exceptional durability, precision engineering, and wide range of weight and spine options make it the ultimate choice for avid archers looking to elevate their game.

Glue in point from Black Eagle.

Key features:

  • Around 50% stronger than standard stainless steel.
  • Break off design for simple weight adjustment.
  • Glue in design.

Technical specifications:

Material:416 PH Stainless Steel
Type:One Piece, glue in
Weight Range:140, 120 and 90 grain (with 10 grain break-offs)
Compatibility:For Black Eagle X-Impact shafts.

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