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Beier 3d Dåse Spinash 7x7x10,5 cm

Beier 3d Dåse Spinash 7x7x10,5 cm

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1 stk. IBB Can of spinach - 3D target

The 3D targets of IBB are very true to the original and made of high quality materials. The fine-pored inner material not only makes it easy to remove the arrows, but also ensures that the holes are closed quickly and are hardly visible, thanks to the so-called "self-healing effect".

The 3D target is largely scratch-resistant due to its elasticity. A special feature of the targets (except for the deer from IBB) is that they are all produced in one piece and therefore no water can penetrate or get between the individual parts and cause damage. This also means that no misalignments between the parts or different expansions are possible at high temperatures. Furthermore, the PU foam is very resistant to high levels of UV sunlight.

The respective classification of the 3D targets is done according to the IFAA rule book. The length of a vertical line passing through the center as well as the central and inner scoring zones is measured.

Imago by Beier (IBB) - Germany

Height: 10.5cm
Diameter: 7cm

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