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Avalon Stabilisator Tyro / Side - 1 Stk.

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AVALON Tyro - Side Stabilisator

The Tyro 17 stabilizers come from the AVALON beginner line and with their low price are aimed especially at beginners who are just starting out with archery or shooting with stabilizers. Despite this focus on the entry-level, they offer everything you need and perhaps not expected, because the Tyro 17 are made of 100% carbon, have a diameter of 17mm and are already equipped with a damper and an additional cap weight (flat) and a cap weight (cap). Equipped in this way, they absorb shocks reliably and reduce the vibrations on the bow when firing. And all this, of course, with the aim of improving the shooter's balance when shooting.

The "small" side stabilizers can be combined with a V-bar and a monostabilizer to form a complete stabilizer system and mounted on the bow. This further increases the balance of the bow.

Technical data:
Length: 10 or 12"
Diameter: 17mm
Weight: 121g
Material: Carbon

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