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Nitro Recurve Streng BCY 8125 68" Black

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Nitro Strings are available in the high performance 8125G string material.

8125 Bowstring material
92% SK75 Dyneema,
8% SK 65, Strong and durable with low creep properties.

They can make your strings to your specification in any combination of the above colours.

The Nitro string ends/ end loops are served with a Black BCY 2X material and with black BCY 62X material for the centre serving.

Nitro recurve bowstrings are made in the UK by experienced staff using machinery imported from the USA, capable of pre-stretching the strings with up to 300lb of pressure and twisting then serving them whilst under that pressure. 

The result is a bowstring with complete stability from the 1st shot. All Nitro recurve strings are twisted from each end in opposite directions resulting in consistant tension and an equal number of twists throughout the string, all whilest under pressure.

We therefore recommend that the twists are kept in the original direction, and that no more than 6 twists are removed from the string's starting position to ensure that servings do not separate.
64"60 3/4” (ca. 154 cm)
66"63 1/4” (ca. 160,5 cm)
68"65” (ca. 165 cm)
70"66 3/4” (ca. 169,5 cm)
72"68 3/4” (ca. 174,5 cm)

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