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HHA Sigte Optimizer Tetra XL 5519 1 Pin .019 /Demo

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HHA Tetra XL 5519 Demo sigte. Har kun været monteret på en bues som udstillingssigte. 

- Kommer i original emballage, med alle løsdele.

Over two decades of technology come together to provide one of the most versatile, lightweight and rugged sights available. The Tetra delivers a silky smooth 2.1” of travel on your choice of a fixed frame or dovetail bar. To the yard accuracy with our patented R.D.S. sight tapes and precision windage adjustment provide deadly accuracy in the field and on the range. The quiver friendly, wheel forward designs make these sights ideal for bowhunters and 3D shooters alike. With 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment and a full line of accessories, the Tetra is destined to take over as the new #1 slider sight on the market today. A two-stage windage adjustment makes sight-in easy and precise.

Totally toolless, once the Tetra is mounted to your bow, you can put the wrench set away and make minor adjustments in the field. With laser engraved witness marks and user-friendly adjustment knobs, dialing in is easier than ever before. - Mechanical rheostat for fiber optic brightness control

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