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Core Bueben WHITE Prelude ILF

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Core Prelude bueben ILF (International Limb Fitting)

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A nice pair of limbs for the beginning archer, made of laminated fiberglass and wood. These limbs are suited for use with an ILF riser.

Specifications Core Prelude Limbs:

  • Material: Fiber/wood
  • Fitting: ILF
  • Type of string: Fast Flight
  • Special order: 66/12 - 66/14 - 68/14

Explanation length recurve limbs:
The length designation of Olympic recurve limbs are generally based on a 25 inch riser. Most limbs however come in 3 sizes: Short, Medium and Long, which gives the following bow lengths:

Short: 66 inch bow
Medium: 68 inch bow
Long: 70 inch bow

Of course it is possible to use the limbs on shorter or longer risers. However, take into account that in addition to the length of your bow, this also has an effect on the draw length. As a rule of thumb: for every inch the riser is shorter than 25 inches, you must add 1 LBS to the draw weight. Also, for every inch the riser is longer than 25 inches, you must subtract 1 LBS from the draw weight. Please note, this information is purely and only intended as a rule of thumb; due to the variety in materials, combinations you can make and difference in shapes, the final results can still deviate.

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