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Cold Steel Magnum Ekstra Stun Dart 30/pk.

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En pakke Stun Dart som passer til Cold Steel Pusterør ID 9 mm / 122 cm


The Cold Steel .357 Magnum Blowgun offers hours of fun in a super lightweight, budget friendly package! The .357 Magnum Blowgun is a joy to use, and equally at home hunting small game or target shooting with family and friends. Made from durable high grade aluminum with a TPR rubber mouthpiece, quiver and hand guard – they are much more durable and accurate than many of the novelty "toy” blowguns on the market today, while remaining small, lightweight and inexpensive enough for beginners or younger users. Each blowgun comes complete with spear point and stun darts as well as a rubber ferrule so you can use it as a walking stick as well!

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