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Select Combat Pil

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Archery Battle pil med gumminspids

Producentens beskrivelse:

Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is a narrative game that is performed with dedication and loads of fun! JVD isn't shy of a bit of fun and that's why we've got the Select LARP Trooper Arrows with Vanes in our product range. Fulfill your fantasy role playing desires and shoot down your opponent with these safe LARP arrows. Featuring soft rubber ends that ensure safe-play you can take-out your friends or your opposition or both and all will live to tell the tale. These arrows are also a great way to introduce the world of archery to kids. Local clubs, schools and sporting centers can have the kids shoot away without the worry of an accident occurring and the kids will learn the ancient art of archery while having a load of fun doing so.

Of course without a bow it's not easy to complete the role and take part of the action. Want to have a go at being a modern day Robin Hood in your next role playing tournament? Then get the right tools for the trade. Start your next LARP games with the best equipment.

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