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Sanlida Recurve jagtbue Osprey Camo

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The perfect bow for recreational archers and hunters alike, the 58 inch Sanlida Osprey offers strength and style in one streamlined package.Whether you are looking for a bow for target archery or a great bowhunting bow, the Osprey Recurve is a great option.Three piece take-down design for easy storage.Durable one-piece magnesium riser. 
Flemish D97 string included. 
- Bow length: 58" 
- Draw weight: 20-50lbs (increasing by 5lbs) 
- Riser material: Magnesium 
- Wood core limbs 
- Riser colours: Camo 
- Limbs colour: Black 
- String included 
- RH model only

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