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Sure-Loc Black Eagle 42MM Lens Kit

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This lens is unlike any other on the market today. Swarovski has taken two lenses, each one flat on one side and ground on the other, then laminated the ground surfaces together. With the Swarodur® coating on the flat outside surfaces there is no glare. You won’t find this combination of SURE-LOC® quality and Swarovski® clarity anywhere else!


  • Swarovski Optik® lens designed specifically for archery sold exclusively by SURE-LOC in the US
  • Clearest, non-glare producing lens with world-famous SWARODUR® anti-reflective coating
  • Choice of 29mm, 35mm and 42mm lenses in various diopters  


Black Eagle 29mm
2x (.30) - 4x (.55) - 6x (.70) or 8x (1.0) lens.

Black Eagle 35mm
2x (.30) - 4x (.55) - 5x (.60) or 6x (.70) lens.

Black Eagle 42mm
2x (.30) - 4x (.55) - 5x (.60) or 6x (.70) lens.

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