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IQ Sigte Ultra Lite

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Super fint sigte fra IQ til jagt og lige nu til en rigtig god pris.

Producentens beskrivelse:

The NEW IQ Ultra Lite BOWSIGHT is the most affordable IQ Bowsight and was engineered with lightweight fiber polymer construction and is the lightest of the IQ Bowsights. Its high impact resistant construction, paired with its silent coat finish, make it a great addition to the IQ line of bowsights. As with all IQ Bowsights, the Ultra Lite features Retina Lock™ instant feedback Technology which controls muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing you to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. If shooters torque their bows, or their anchor point is off, even a ¼”, the shot can be off more than 10” at 40 yards. The IQ® Ultra Lite Bowsight will increase your effective shooting range by 20 yards or more and IQ® stands behind this statement with a bold, money-back guarantee!


  • Retina Lock Technology
  • Silent Coat Finish
  • Stack tight pins
  • Built-in sight level
  • Rheostat sight light (sold separately)
  • .019 fiber optic pins
  • Lightweight fiber polymer construction

Shoot longer distances and tighter groups.

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