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Black Eagle Rampage Skaft .001" 12/Pak

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Carbon target shaft from Black Eagle.

Key features:

  • Durable 100% carbon shafts.
  • Small enough diameter for good long range accuracy.
  • Balance of speed and kinetic energy.
  • Stiffer spines suitable for heavier bows.
  • Also available pre fletched only. See alternative items below.

Technical specifications:

Grains Per Inch:7 (400 spine)
Straightness Tolerance: ± .001
Weight Tolerance:± 1 grain
Available Spines:150-400
Uncut length (approx):32"
Included components:Black Eagle R nocks, half-out insert
Optimal for:Long distance 3D, Field and Hunting.

- install the Half-Out.
  1. Square the end of the arrow shaft
  2. Dry fitting is recommended on all components. Slide half-out in shaft and spin test (if you prefer)
  3. If a slight wobble is noticed, DON'T PANIC! Rotate the half-out with field point installed until the spin is true.
  4. Again, Rotate Half-Out until it spins perfect.
  5. Use a Silver or Black Sharpie and mark the Shaft and the Half-Out for perfect alignment once glue is applied.
  6. We have tested Our fletching glue, insert/outsert glue and epoxy and all of them work great.
  7. Apply a even amount of glue around the shaft of the Half-Out to ensure the glue channels get enough glue in them to hold.
  8. Once the glued half-out is finished stand the arrow on the point to dry.
Marked for a perfect Spin Step#5

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