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Beiter Pilehylde Compound

Varenummer:  49207
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En af de absolut, hvis ikke, den bedste pilehylde på markedet.

Key features:

  • Thermoplast construction to reduce weight and provide stability.
  • High precision adjustment without play.
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment, allowing for adjustments as precise as 0.2mm - with no locking screw required.
  • Vernier scale on both the vertical and the horizontal result in adjustability with a precision of 0.2mm. Easily adjust your rest for tuning - and set it back in exactly the same position.
  • Guidance Plates minimise oscillation on the launcher while the arrow leaves the bow, but also change the stiffness of the launcher for a customisable tune.
  • The launcher can be set in 2 different angles - 30° or 35°- by changing mounting blocks. Angles can be re-set precisely.
  • Available as standard, 28mm overdraw (OD88) or 56mm (OD116) overdraw models.
  • Different Launcher sizes and thicknesses are available to fit various arrow diameters and weights.
  • For the use on a Hoyt Carbon Matrix or similar bow, Beiter recommends the OD88 version.

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