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Bear Archery Bueben 50th Anniversary #1

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  • For 50 years Fred Bear's ingenious Take Down recurve bow design has been a staple in the traditional archery world. Bear Archery reintroduces this legendary bow with their 50th Anniversary Take Down Recurve Limbs
  • Bear 50th Anniversary Recurve Limbs are constructed of Dymondwood with black fiberglass.
  • The limbs feature a core lamination of Fascor.
  • Compatibel with black and white fast flight flemish twist bow strings
  • The handcrafted tips are layered with hard rock maple, and black and white fiberglass, so they are able to handle modern high performance bow strings.
  • The limbs are available in two lengths #1 and #3
  • #1 limbs will make 56" bow on a A riser and a 60" bow on a B riser.

    The A riser can be paired with Bear limbs to make a 56" or 60" bow

    The B riser can be paired with Bear limbs to make a 60" or 64" bow

    Heal horn style grip allows for a deep feel and consistent grip

    Arrow shelf is 1/8" above the grip for a closer arrow to hand trajectory and consistent arrow flight

    Features 50th Anniversary logo stamped onto bow commemorating 50 years of the legendary Take Down bow

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